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          In a few days my youngest child and only daughter is getting married so I have decided to dedicate this week’s blog to some reflective thought regarding this major milestone in my life. She is one of three children by which we were blessed with about a ten year span between the first two and her arrival. I started thinking about this upcoming event the day she was born and in my mind’s eye I pictured myself much older than I now find myself. It’s amazing how fast she has grown but yet I have aged at a much slower pace.  (OK, I still welcome your comments but tread lightly.) During those many years, I gave little thought to who the groom might be. I was pretty sure that no acceptable candidate would be found. Once again time has crushed my delusions as she managed to find someone who I actually like and respect.

          As I pondered how life keeps changing, considering how God fits in all of this I came to recognize something that I believe I knew all along. The true blessings in life can only be enjoyed by allowing them to be free. If we hold too tightly the things in life that mean the most to us they will smother and wilt. True joy is found in the simplicity of freedom. Freedom to be who God designed each of us to be, freedom to let loose the stranglehold with which we manage to grip life and allow God to flow freely through us at His will. With this thought in mind I dedicate this poetic attempt to my lovely daughter, Becky!


          To all Dads who may be reading this blog I challenge you to think in “3D”. Too often we are guilty of flat line thinking. 3D thinking includes not only ourselves and others but also takes into consideration God’s part and His plan. For those of you who have daughters yet to be married I offer this simple advice. Enjoy the fleeting moments of parenthood as best you can. When the time comes and the wedding plans begin find a good book, get out of the way and let nature (and other forces beyond your control) take its course. You’ll always be Dad, you have accomplished much. Let your blessing go forth and watch in amazement as God reveals His wonderful plan.