About Rodger

          I remember the first time I ever heard the word “blog”. It seemed like such a non-descript term. Why would anyone call something a blog? It didn’t seem to inviting at the time but here I am blogging away. Actually, in spite of the name I love the opportunity to express my thoughts and share them with others. We live in a time when we are barraged with tons of information and find ourselves so hurried that we fail to take time for deeper reflection. It is my hope that through this media some will take the time to reflect once in a while on some spiritual thoughts.

          After a thirty year career in the real estate industry I’ve decided to direct my efforts toward to a higher calling. I am very blessed to have been accepted as a staff Pastor at Eagles Nest Fellowship Church in Milton, Delaware. Currently I am working on a new ministry program for small groups and look forward to see what God has in store for the spiritual growth of our congregation. The idea of total retirement doesn’t suit me very well. I like being active and challenged so a second career affords me that opportunity. I have many interests including  golf (not to serious), muscle cars and riding my 2006 Harley Davidson Road King. For the most part if it has a motor and you can drive it I love it.

          The real blessing  in life is my family.  I have been happily married for thirty-seven years, have three exceptional children and five completely adorable grandchildren.  Together with my Mom and Dad we can have four generations gathered together all at one time. Everyone in our family knows Jesus including all of our extended family. That’s pretty amazing in a world that statistically is bent the other way.

          Since you have made it this far I invite you to visit often and share your comments. The world has truly become a smaller place through technology. Let’s hope we can make it a little closer place, not just smaller.