Who Is This Man Jesus and What Are You Going To Do With Him?

Who is this man Jesus and what are you going to do about Him? Truly, this is the most important question in the entire world. Everyone answers it one way or the other, some incorrectly with the freedom to do so. After all, God gives everyone free will. According to the scriptures everyone will answer correctly at some point in time, some with great joy, others with great sorrow. The Bible describes Him as the Son of God and the Son of Man. What are we to think about Him? Who would you say He is? You may ignore the question if you like, then ignorance becomes your answer. You may associate yourself with Him without commitment, then complacency becomes your answer. You may follow Him half-heartedly but partial obedience is still disobedience. No one can escape the giving of an answer.
The two descriptions given to us tell us plenty about who He is, how He operated and how all of this relates to each of us. Jesus was made up of two distinct natures; one was that of God and the other was that of man. In Matthew chapter 4 Jesus is tempted three times by Satan. The first temptation was an appeal to physical hunger, the second was an appeal to physical pride and the third toward physical lust and power. All three attacks were targeted against the Son of Man, against His humanness. All three times Jesus countered these temptations by drawing from the spiritual side of His nature. All three responses were made by quoting scripture. Not once did He use His humanness to respond. This is how He operated.
In Matthew 26 Jesus is agonizing in the Garden of Gethsemane. In verse 38 He states that His soul is deeply grieved, “to the point of death”. Once again the trouble is in His human side. (Our soul represents who we are as a person). The temptation of Satan and the trials faced are always attacks upon the human condition. The answers for facing these attacks were always spiritual answers demonstrated by Jesus, never human responses.
How does this relate to each of us? God considers all living beings to be part of His family at the time of birth. Up until the time of the age of accountability (when a person is old enough to understand the Gospel) he or she is protected and should they leave this life they will do so with God’s grace of eternal life in His kingdom. After this milestone age a person must be born of the Spirit prior to their demise to continue on to eternal life in heaven. When someone is born again from above they now have two natures, similar to and being part of the nature of Christ. We are made up of a spiritual nature in addition to our human side. All attacks against our humanness can only be successfully countered by spiritual answers. Satan never attacks the spiritual nature, only the human nature. He cannot stand against the Spirit therefore he always targets humanness. He chooses the battlefield, it is up to us to follow the example of Jesus and change the the ground on which we shall stand. Who is this man Jesus? He is the one man who successfully walked this earth, never giving into human nature but always leaning on the supernatural power of God. He now offers that same power to each who belong to Him; to travel through this life by His example, by His invitation and for His purpose. The dark cannot comprehend the light. He is the light. Who do you say He is and what are you going to do about Him? “No answer”—— not an option!

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