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Apathy Finally Dies In America

Can it really be true, “apathy” in America is beginning to die? It is quite possible that we are beginning to see passionate beliefs rise up as Americans debate our true identity. Questions about heritage, our rights, losing our rights, socialism, freedoms and much more have become daily topics of interest around the proverbial water cooler, sidewalks, kitchens, and computer chat sites of our culture. It is a testimony to human nature that when times are high and things are good we tend to feel less need for the deeper meaning of life. Apathy then prevails and the contemplative waters of society become shallow pools where we tend to embrace quantity of thought as opposed to quality. It is in times such as these that new and different ideologies filter into our culture and gain a foothold of acceptance without passing any substantive test other than “it sort of sounds good to me”. Now we have arrived at the root issue at hand. What is the test for our beliefs? What standard should be met before we accept an idea or pass it on to others? Is there a basis for truth and if so what is it?

I was inspired to this writing because I became aware of some opposing comments that were traveling through my neighborhood via email. It would not have been difficult for me to jump on one side and make a defense for my particular point of view but I decided there was a greater good to be served. After years of growing weary of apathetic people in the work place or in church or in government or in social clubs I am excited to see my neighbors passionate about what they believe. Passion is a good thing. I also know that it can be a double edge sword. It can bring out the worst in people or the best. It can be either an opportunity for growth or a platform for crisis. As we venture out of the abyss of apathy we need to take time to dig a little deeper and discover truth for ourselves. This wisdom applies to all points of view, no one is exempt. We live in the information age and anyone can out find almost anything in a matter of minutes at the push of a few buttons on the keyboard. Perhaps this is also one of our problems, more information than we can digest at any one time.

On one suggested website entitled the “American Thinker” I found this quote. “Our Founding Fathers were religious in a new way, the Judeo-Christian way, and they were the liberals of their day by deducing that our political and human rights come from a power higher than human government; but they were conservative to Biblical morality.” This was their test in forming our identity. Most Americans are unaware of the extensive process that went into forming this nation and while consulting many written documents to make their decisions the document most used (43% of the time) was the Bible. It’s a historical fact. I’m sure that there were dissenting opinions about many points but at the end of the process the majority ruled and our identity as a nation was set in motion. The two party system was designed to have different viewpoints, in other words a clear choice. Opposing viewpoints are meant to sharpen our intellect and understanding of who we are. Bi-partisanship was not really intended. One of the problems facing us today is that fact that some Republicans act as if they were Democrats and visa versa. We aren’t presented with a clear choice in fact most feel we aren’t presented with a trustworthy choice. The battle lines have been drawn between conservatives and liberals and the two sides are not pure. True leaders have become scare. Those are the ones that clearly take a stand and can clearly articulate their beliefs, regardless of the political cost. The alleged leader that governs on the basis of popularity will never make the right and difficult choices required of real leaders.

There are some fundamental things we need to agree upon. There are some things that we can oppose one another on and still live in peace. It does however become essential for us to look back to our beginnings if we truly want to understand who we are. Personally I believe as our “Founding Fathers” believed, that we must not abandon Biblical morality (unfortunately we are a long way down that road). Liberty means that we make room to debate and discern in order to discover the truth. As an example, the Bible commands us to love even our enemies. Current political correctness says we need to be tolerant of all others. What is the difference between the two? Simply this, as a Christian we show others love in order that they may see Christ. This is meant for a higher purpose. Tolerance, as some interpret it, asks us to forsake our identity. We can be loving and tolerant but we must uphold the values that this nation was founded upon. I’m a conservative but I see the need for liberal thinkers. Think about this, in what other society on the face of the earth other than one based upon Judeo-Christian values, would anyone be allowed to express their liberal point of view? As passions rise, so must our practice of measuring the truth by the only reliable standard known to exist. The standard used by our founders; the Bible.

What’s So Offensive About The Ten Commandments?

10_CommI’ll be the first to admit that I have a hard time understanding the liberal mindset. I do recognize how a person who doesn’t know God or believe in God comes to the opinionated, self-interested mindset of the liberal but what staggers the imagination is how anyone can ignore the results of such thinking. Are we better off as a society than we were before the free-thinking revolution of the sixties? Back then kids didn’t carry guns to school and shoot other kids. As far as I know, back then it was a crime to not pay your taxes, if convicted you would probably go to jail. (Today I’m beginning to wonder how many of our elected leaders actually pay their taxes? When caught, none of them seem to do any time.) Back then TV shows were predominately about families, Mom, Dad and the kids. Rights belonged to the honest bill paying citizens not the criminals. Everyone knew what was meant by the term “bad girl” and abortions were considered back alley wicthcraft.

          I understand that everyone has a belief system. Even athiests make a religion out of believing in nothing. It’s important to understand that everyone thinks their belief system is the right one. Muslims believe they have a holy cause, Mormons believe in wearing the holy underwear, Shintos believe their possessions have spirits and liberals believe in their agenda as well. The problem is simply this; any thought or belief based upon anything other than the Word of God is just an opinion.Only the God of the Bible, the Judeo-Christian Father can be proven reliable, true and absolute. Try and find any other belief system that can offer evidence to sustain it’s existence. Without evidence to back them up coupled with the fact that no other religous belief offers the peace of dwelling forever with a God that loves you, makes you wonder what anyone sees or desires in any of these systems.

          The sad fact is that many liberals also claim to be Christian. It makes me think they fail to truly understand Christianity. If you oppose the public display of the commandments does that mean you think they shouldn’t be followed? I guess a good day in the life of a liberal thinker would be one in which their children would dishonor them, one of the kids might commit murder, their spouse would be found cheating on them, their neighbor would steal their car while lying to cover it up and someone at work would lust after their job. What an opportunity to defend the rights of so many in just one day! My point is simply put. If even a liberal person would not wish to experience such a day why do they so many of them find the Ten Commandments so offensive? Why be so afraid to post them on the walls of the schools? Maybe our children would be influenced by them and refrain from commiting  the violations of numbers 5 through 10 as described above or eventually being the victims of someone else’s transgression.

          I didn’t forget about commandments 1 through 4. They all deal with honoring God. Perhaps if we could get some of our liberal friends to value others as themselves maybe they would eventually value God.  Jesus summed up the Ten Commandments into just two. Love God and love each other as yourself. It’s really not that difficult unless your God is other than the God of the Bible!