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“The Smell of Politics is in The Air”

          “Who saves his country violates no law.” This quote by Napoleon Bonaparte sums up his thoughts on patriotism. Did I miss the campaign ad in which anyone running for office had a clue about saving our country? The ads on my TV were quite proficient when it comes to explaining what a no-good, low life, cheating, lying, tax dodging, scoundrel each person has for an opponent. Usually their opponents’ ad comes on right behind the first ad with the same kind of rhetoric. It’s the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s without the guns and showing a lot less class. Seriously, is this the best we can do? Is this all we have to offer?

          Unfortunately, I get the fact that most politicians are completely out of touch with their constituency and I’m believing that most hard working honest Americans are fed up with the campaign mud wallowing and are hungry for someone who has at least one good idea to improve our country or way of life. It seems that each camp is so busy trying to figure out how to bash the other guy that there is no time left for the foreign concept of having a “good idea”. Even the bashing is low quality. If you listen carefully, and I hate to listen at all, you can hear the half truths and twisted innuendos. If we were to believe all that is being said we really wouldn’t need a voting booth, a dart board would do just fine.

          The real tragedy is having our children watch this tripe during prime time viewing. What example does this set for the adults of tomorrow? Our local schools promote a program called “Character Counts”. The idea behind the program is to teach our students integrity and manners that will serve them well in society. Perhaps we need to pass a law that would require our elected officials to take continuing education classes in character development. If we are lucky perhaps they will be able to perform at the fifth grade level in a few years.

          OK! I know that there are a few candidates who stepped up to take on the responsibility of public office without climbing into the hog trough with the majority. To those who were willing to put themselves out for our sakes, I commend you. Without good people coming forward, we are cursed with what’s left. The brave few deserve our prayers and support. Our need for them to succeed is enormous and we need more like them, people who will do what’s right regardless of the political consequences. We need people who are willing to save this nation.

          On a good note, the populace has begun to care again. Things are so out of kilter that it would be hard for anyone to miss, yet some still do. Let’s hope, what we have witnessed in this recent campaign is the bottom rather than a continual slide into the abyss. Integrity is who you are. You can’t fake character, you either have it or you do not. We are in desperate need of real leadership. True patriots put the good of others above their own. What a novel change that would be in our government.