Right Way, Wrong Way?

         “There’s a way that seems right to a man but its end is the way to death.” (Prov. 14:12) There can only be one conclusion, that we cannot always trust our own instincts and if that is so then there must be something else by which we can guide our decisions. If what seems right is wrong then what is the great test that clarifies our actions?

          Does a little white lie corrupt the soul? Does criticizing others when they can’t hear us really hurt anything? If gossip gets a laugh at someone else’s expense wasn’t it really just for the fun of the moment? Why shouldn’t I cheat on my taxes, after all the government is blowing billions? A stock broker gets a bit of inside information, why not exploit it, everyone’s doing it? A wife has an affair because she isn’t happy at home; doesn’t she deserve more? A student has someone else take an exam, what difference does it really make? There are no limits on the variations of this theme, no end to the number of ways to damage the soul, sell off a chunk of integrity or to feed the prevailing climate of sin that so infiltrates humanity. It all started with one basic lie, one deception.

          The propensity of sin to permeate mankind and destroy the soul is far more powerful than anyone of us can fully appreciate. A man wakes up one morning to the realization that he is an alcoholic and his life is spiraling out of control. He scarce can remember taking the first step down the slippery slope and discovers that he lies at the bottom of life and there now seems to be no hope. Ironically what seemed right at the start with no harm in sight arrives at a place where nothing seems right and all hope gone. The deception has performed its work and reached its destination of despair with only one final step to go, death. It is a death that leads to the eternal separation from all that is good and righteous, never again to have the opportunity of reconciliation and it all starts with one small compromise of spiritual integrity.

          The great test in this life comes down to our own goals. Are we living this life from a self-centered point of orientation or for the higher cause of Christ? Our only shot at reconciliation is through His cross. None other can make the choices faced in this life clear. On our own, we are not strong enough to stand against the temptations that come our way or even be totally aware of their presence. The things that seem right may be loaded with pitfalls that we are not equipped to evaluate. When we shine the light of His word on life’s decisions and submit to trusting Him for guidance we gain the insight needed to escape the tragedies of bad decisions. Just as all harm starts with one bad decision, all which is good begins with one and only one decision available to each and every one of us, the decision to accept Jesus as our Savior and Lord of our life. His answers are infallible and His reasoning is from an eternal perspective.

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