It’s Not About Me?

Williamsburg and misc 091We Christians are great at latching on to the latest cliches such as “It’s not about you”. What often starts out as a well meaning point gets strechted out of shape until it begins to send the wrong message or become the latest crutch. Hopefully we do realize that God has a plan and each of us are only a small part of the big picture. I guess we are all guilty sometimes of wanting God to re-arrange the universe to fit our picture of what life should be like and in that instance the saying makes a valid point. However when taken to extreme we can be left with such an insignificant view of ourselves that we end up expecting nothing from God. I’ve been wanting to begin a message by asking people if God is living up to their expectations? Some might easily say “yes” as they have no expectations to begin with. Others might say “no” because God isn’t coming through the way they wish and in that case they need to be reminded that it isn’t all about them. A better query might be to ask if we are living up to God’s expectations? (This a point for another writing because there are many misconceptions about what this means). But wait a minute! Isn’t it ever about me? Do I ever matter? We know that God has a plan for our lives, so in some sense it must be about me. Aren’t we fearfully and wonderfully made in His image in order that we may fellowship with our Father? Don’t we belong to to a royal priesthood? Aren’t we part of the body of Christ, the pure spotless bride. Somewhere in all of this I believe we need to develop a little bit of Christian self-esteem in light of “whose” we are. It’s all right to boast in the things that God has done for us. I want to have great expectations of a victorious life in Christ. I must believe that when life’s road twists and turns in directions that were not my choosing God has a blessing in store because I trust His judgment more than I prize my own. I’m thankful that it was enough about me that He included me in His atonement on the cross. In that sense I fail to see how it could be any more about me.

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